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Wallace Time Attack Evo Part 4 ……………

Well its been a while since i last brought you an update on how the strip/rebuild is going, this has been mainly to me working some overtime and not having the chance to head over to Wallace Performance but hey ho this update will be worth it!

As you can see from the first picture, it now resembles a car once again

The majority of running gear is back in place, the engine is being finished off and will be engine dyno’d before its shipped to Wallace HQ.

The radiator is now in the rear of the car, it will be fed by two Naca ducts in the roof through a custom cowling directly onto the radiator itself

The airjacks are in place and are waiting to be piped up.

A new peddle box is replacing the standard items, this pushes the seating position back a bit so the driver’s seat had to be relocated, along with the steering wheel having to be extended

The fuel cell from last year is being reused, in this picture you can also see the rear diff subframe assembly

The new front subframe is looking good too

I know you’ve seen the cage a thousand times before but in this picture you really have to appreciate how much actual protection you will get if the worst ever happened

Brand new R888 toyos all round, but now defunct for the 2011 Time Attack series due to the sponsor changing to Pirrelli

I never tire of seeing the voltex rear extensions on this car, I can’t wait for it to be completed!

The useful TRS tow harness, hopefully mike won’t need to use this, in this years competition

Whilst I was at Wallace a ghostly presence was felt ……..

Murdo was busy repairing a customers intercooler so I managed to sneak a few shots of the man himself at work

And so that’s it for now, work is always continuing on the car, with the engine planned to be here in the next couple of weeks. The deadline is fast approaching aswell! Mike said the end of march  ……………………….


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