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Wallace Time Attack Evo Part 2 ………………

Another day, another part to the story of the 2011 Wallace Performance Time Attack Build.

First up the car/shell itself. A full custom cage is now welded in place, Mike previously had a bolt in custom cage but this year he has decided to go the whole hog.

The cage comes pre fabricated but needs to be put together piece by piece. Mike and Murdo welded the cage in place.

As you can see some nice work has gone on

The second part of today though is all about the goodies!

Mikes new Drenth sequential shifter, this allows gears to be changed at a fraction of the usual “H” pattern selection, although it doesnt actually replace the original gearbox.

This is the add on for the OEM gearbox and allows it to be straight shifted.

Krontec air jacks will also be added to aid working on the car, the best on the market, these air jacks weight at most 0.6kg each!! amazingly light for something that can hold a car over 1.5 tonnes.

Mike is having a go at flocking his own dash parts aswell

The all important steering wheel

Some more parts, First up the Voltex front bumper, it will be accompanied by the full kit

Fibreglass doors ………..

With carbon fibre inserts and perspex, you can see how light these are as Mike is holding the door with one hand!

Mike also got his Rota GTRS refurbished in white. These will be spares as he will be running other Rotas as the main wheel

And a couple of pictures of the parts removed, the original doors

Last years replacment bumper aswell

So thats it for now, as always ill be bringing you the latest from the build as it continues


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