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Track Scotland’s R32 GTR

Driven by Fiona Kindness this GTR is a full on track machine!!

This car competes mainly in Time attack but is also used for alot of track days throughout the UK. Being a co-owner of gives Fiona alot of time behind the wheel of the GTR.

With such a track focussed car alot of body panels have been replaced for fibre glass, the doors,bootlid and bonnet are all made from our itchy lightweight friend. The weight loss doesn’t stop there perspex windows, a totally stripped interior and fibreglass bucket seats all contribute to faster times on track.

A huge carbon fibre wing helps the GTR out with cornering!

K sport brakes make sure the car will pull up in time for Knockhill’s famous hairpin where Fiona gets to drive her GTR most.

Toyo R888’s are a must for a car of this prowess

Along with the full rollcage

Bracing in the boot stops the fibre glass shell from a serious amount of flex

550BHP on tap from this RB26

And so ends a look at a car long over due for a spot on here! With winter setting in the Skyline will get wrapped up away from the salt but not without one last blast around Knockhill ………… Check for full details

Thacko ………….

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