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Track Scotland At Knockhill 06/02/10

Here are my pictures from the latest Track Scotland day organized by Adam and Fee Kindness who own the site.

The weather in a word was rubbish, fog and rain where the main concerns for the day but hey its Scotland we live in LOL. The day seemed to go without a hitch, no accidents and very little off considering the conditions was excellent.

So onto the pictures and a few explanations lol. Basically i have started to charge for pictures from trackdays and such, it’s mainly due to the fact its costs me money to travel to circuits and although i love taking pictures it costing more and more in terms of fuel and other bits and bobs. The pricing (i like to think) is EXTREMELY low compared to other websites offerering a similar service and i hope you wouldn’t think i was out to rip anyone off, which I’m not, I’m just trying to cover my own costs and I hope if enough of you buy pictures i might be able to upgrade to longer lenses to get even better pictures of you all!! lol.

I’ve split the pictures into manufacturer and they are in alphabetical order.

All pictures are available in colour (which the majority already are) or Black and white by request.

And so onto the sales part, this is what im charging for pictures (at least half the price of anyone else)


A 6″x4″ (regular photosize) = £2.50 per print

A 12″x8″ (A3 paper size) = £5 per print


Pictures will be Hi-res 1200×800 pixel size = £2.00 per picture

Or a CD with EVERY picture from the event = £85 which is just 50p per picture!

if you would like to buy any, please note down the picture number Ie “Mitsubishi28″ and email them to thacko ” at” I will then respond with details of how to pay and when they will be ready etc.

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