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Top Secret GTR

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Its the late 80's and your working in Trust/Greddy packing parts. Its a cool place to be, not quite the cutting edge tuner life you wanted but you get talking to a guy from the racing department at lunch and ask him if he needs help after hours


You start working on some cool parts and help your new friend develop new products but just as its gaining traction you get caught by the management

Its ok though, your boss says its ok to continue just in Top Secret

I don't think Smoky Nagata really needs much of an introduction, he's world famous within the tuning world and infamous outside of it. That day his boss must have seen what he was up to and thought it was worth letting him continue "in secret".

The rest is history, Smoky became the creator/owner of Top Secret. Known for wild horsepower builds adorned with "Top Secret" gold paint. Theres lots of story's about Smokey - the most famous is probably the 200mph A1 run that landed him in jail for a night and being banned from driving in the UK but over the years Smokey has never been shy to tune a variety of cars, mainly Nissans and Toyotas he's dabbled in drifting too but high speed runs have always been his go to.

As you can see from the pictures this GTR is very much Top Secret, the paint gives that away along with the subtle but extensive styling, all part of Smokeys trademark look.

This car in particular is pretty special as it was the GTR that was the winner of the Nardo High Speed Challenge with the highest top speed of 234mph!(377.2kph)

So how did this particular piece of JDM tuner history end up in Scotland? Its all down to Lewis.

Ive known Lewis for a two decades, he was my brothers friend from school and back in the day we all used to hang out playing Gran Turismo (you can see where this is going) and you can guess what cars were Lewis's favourite

Fast forward 15 years lewis has been fortunate enough to travel through Japan and get his own R34GTR (read more about that here) and when building the R34 he only wanted to use Top Secret but after asking if Smokey would ever part with a car he got a surprise when he agreed! A lot of negotiation later he had bought a piece of automotive history

Lewis employed the services of JM Imports to help him get "Goldie" from the land of the rising sun to the land of bagpipes and kilts,I'm so glad he did.

The car speaks for itself and rightly Lewis thinks of himself as the patron of the car , he looks after it like a baby and it never asks for anything. Thats why he hasn't really changed anything on the car as it was built right at the beginning all down to Smokey.

As you can see from the engine spec list it's designed to move quickly but for all the go it also has the show and has won a few awards since coming to the UK.

The interior is a JDM fanbois wet dream, Takata harnesses lie on Bride seats and join the ultra lush custom carbon fibre dash, door cards and steering wheel

Exterior wise its very much custom, the only OEM parts from Nissan are the doors, quarters and roof, everything else is Top Secret - G Effect Aero System

Brakes are by Brembo, suspension by Top Secret and wheels by Enkei - SR01MG in 20" diameter

I think you agree Goldie is the real deal and a pleasure to look at. Im just grateful we get to see it in the UK!

With COVID ruining everything this year Lewis hasn't had much chance to drive the car but here's hoping 2021 will bring some normality back and you never know you may catch Goldie at a show!

TECH SPEC: Nissan R35 GT-R

STYLING: Top Secret G-Effect aero system package; Top Secret front bumper; Top Secret carbon DRS spoiler; Top Secret carbon boot; Top Secret over fender; Top Secret carbon sideskirts; Top Secret carbon wings (front); Top Secret carbon bonnet; hidden tow hooks.

TUNING: Top Secret built engine – VR38 RX 4L GReddy Engine Stroker Kit internals; HKS camshaft; HKS valve springs; HKS head gasket; RX1200 turbo set; Top Secret ti manifold and front pipe; Top Secret exhaust system TV-Pro; Top Secret intercooler system; GReddy intake piping; GReddy ECU; HKS boost controller; GReddy fuel delivery system; Top Secret surge can system; GReddy DCT cooler.

TRANSMISSION: Kansai Service differential; Ogura clutch; Top Secret uprated gearbox internals; uprated 2-5th gear, High Speed 6th gear set for top speed runs; NEKO final drive kit; over 1,100+ bhp with 1,200Nm torque now de-tuned to 900bhp with 950Nm torque (at wheels).

CHASSIS: Top Secret TSS coilover set; Swift spring set; Brembo brake callipers; Top Secret brake disks; Endless brake pads, Top Secret strut braces; Top Secret suspension arms; Enkei SR01MG 10x20in (front) and 11x20in (rear) wheels; Bridgestone Potenza 255/40×20 (front), 295/35×20 (rear) tyres.

INTERIOR: Bride Zeta seats; Takata harnesses; Top Secret steering wheel; Top Secret mat set; Top Secret gearknob; GReddy 2.5 bar gauge; Top Secret custom carbon dash; door cards and centre console.

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