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The Year That Was 2011

And so another year ends, and what a year it has been for me! I’ve travelled all over the country covering events, to different continents even!

So I thought a little look back would be good

First stop is back to Ross Mccracks Altezza Shoot in January

February and Wallace Performance HQ

Ghostly Murdo was busy welding away

The first SXOC drift day was in March and there would be a few more throughout the year!

Kinghorns impreza got a full shoot

April brought the Granite City Rally ……………..

and lots of stones!

I also travelled to London with Mint in late April

May brought Timeattack/EDC to Knockhill, of course I was there to catch the action

Banter pictures of Bigniks S body were taken

June, and another SXOC day, this time slightly sunnier than the one in March

The start of my own magazine work too! Marc and Keiron’s Supras

And the cleanest Vauxhall I have seen in many years, Morgan’s GSI2000

More shoots in July, starting with Mints MX5 in its fresh paint!

Steven Rileys Ek9 weekend racecar

And some full on track action courtesy of the MLR Sprint Series

The SXOC were back at Crail, so was I

Kyle from Chizfab had his BMW there too ….

JDMtas meets have been very infrequent this year due to myself and Mints work commitments but September played host to a rather good one!

With plans to be in Houston for November and the best half of December, October was super quiet. But I made up for it

My sister’s dog Gunner likes to jump!

I hit up Houston’s Cars and Coffee and spotted a few supercars

Autrey’s S2k was super feature worthy

There’s alot more to come from the US in future months so keep your eyes peeled

And now into December. Ross Elder gave me a buzz on Facebook and set up a plan to shoot his new Subaru, so Christmas eve we did it!

Now…… the one person and car i mentioned already albeit very briefly ………… Mr Steve Nicol aka big niks and his S14a

Throughout the year I’ve been helping out where I can, snapping pics, wrenching on his car and lending jacks and stuff. Well because I was on hand for snaps it was only right when the car was finished it was due a photoshoot so we went at it and got the snaps done. Big niks decided to send them to Total Nissan and to be honest the rest is history ………… My first front cover on a magazine and a decent 9 page feature of his car with my snaps. To say we were both over the moon would be an understatement. I have to thank Niks for submitting the pics because it opened up the door for me this year and hopefully in the future to be able to push even further forward in this game ……..

So as I type its the 30th Dec and im ready for 2012 ……………….. BRING IT ON!!

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