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The Rebuild Of Kei Chan Continues ………………………..

Well as some of you may know Mints Silvia S15 has been off the road since mid november and is undergoing long awaited replacement and cosmetic parts.

The main jobs still needing to be done where to fit his new rocker cover (painted By AL),replace the oil filter and oil and also do a few little odd jobs like removing a few snapped bolts and check the positon of gauge senders.

This is Kei chan as she was at 8.30 am LOL

The new rocker cover in place after quite a long battle, Damn stright 4’s!!! lol

Old oil out, new oil in. The oil filter was an absolute nightmare to remove luckily Mints dad has a mad tyte grip and got the bloody thing loose

Time to fire her up, Mint had forgot to disconnect the battery so the only way to get her going was to boost off the mighty Evo haha

Now there is quite a funny and long winded story to this pic but the basic story is, Mint had a mouse in the garge, he fed said mouse!, the mouse then decided he liked living in the S15’s engine bay lol and when Al came round he suggested to Mint that the Mouse might have a taste for mad tyte JDM goodness aka the Takatas, so Mint swiftly removed them LOL Look at the worry on his face!!

Some JDm goodies waiting to take up residense in the 15!

THE Yashio Factory gear knob and gaitor, picked up from Mints latest travels to Japn Too much JDM nice!! as im sure you can see. He also received the Carbon fibre centre console and gear knob surround courtesy of EPracing in a record time of 11 hours from time of placing the order to reciving it in his hands from the JDM postie!!

So thats it for now, lots more to do yet. The wheels are at Jays and are being refurbed, and we have alot of inspection and refurb work on the cards for the suspension and electircs of the car before she can grace the streets again.

For more info hit y0!

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