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SXOC Drift Day March 2011

Here are the pics from the recent drift day, to be honest not much to report as it rained ALL day and i only got around 90 pics.

The hats RX7 sounded awesome off the limiter, shame he had an off and bent the steering arms.

Chizfab crew were out again getting some nice angle

Our resident mintofruit was out in his mx5, always progressing

Ryans chaser …………… awesome shame he had a problem on his second run which mean’t he couldn’t go back out

Jites from was out for his first drift day

Once again John Fallon was out in his R32, it just sounded rude off the limiter

So that’s it i’m afraid, if there are no pics here or at the bottom of the page i’m afraid I have missed you on track. However you can check out for the latest media from the other photographers on the day


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