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Supra Stars!

Never being a fan of the iconic MkiV Supra, I havent ever wanted one or even wanted to drive one. However after seeing Marc and Keiron’s Supras my opinion has changed somewhat!

What do you expect though, Marc’s Supra is definitely working the Works Meisters. I can’t get enough of them

They suit the car perfectly, giving Marc’s Supra a stylish/clean look

The little tip carbon fibre boot spoiler adds to the cleanliness

Keiron’s Supra rocks a full on TRD spoiler in carbon fibre

Mania Vortex rims 9.5″ on the rear and 8.5 upfront

Evo V seats add to the comfort in Keiron’s car

As Marc goes for the factory seat retrimmed in brilliant red leather

Both cars have twin turbo set up’s, Marc has his transplanted in

where as Keiron’s came with it, he also added some serious bling under the bonnet!

Rolling on the road these two Supras look amazing!

I’m honestly turned to the supra, especially when they can look as good as this!

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