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Socal Basher………………..

Its been a long time but it’s finally finished and its back terrorising the streets!

Mints Na8 Mazda Miata ……………

You might remember it from its boso basher days, the aim then was to have a loud obnoxious car that nearly everyone hated.Well now the plans have changed, as with any good idea they involve, run their course then onto the next one.

So whats new? the rear over fenders for a start,built by auto konnexion they replace the  bolt on arches, they just didn’t cut it anymore if Mint was gonna go for a smoother look.

Front arches were replaced with standard items that have been pulled out within a mm of breaking!

The wheels are brand new second-hand 15″ x 8.5″ Watanabes in a manly 0 offset

Bomex rear aero replaces the standard/diffuser bumper the car used to have.

Up front we have an Auto konnexion splitter which is added to the standard front bumper.

You might have seen the car in various drift modes the last was when the full colour was on, but it was Matt. Mint headed to Garage LSD to get the shiny top coat  you see now.

Mint added some neat touches too, who would have thought Lexus lights would make a comeback? they didn’t lol but mint used red tint spray on some units from Ebay and that’s what you see in front of you now.

Muteki super tuner Nuts were added to the Wats

Brides and Takatas fill the cabin, along with Stack gauges and white dials.

ARC products litter the bay

And there’s always love for Japan

So as you can see the ex Boso basher has evolved into a super smooth super bawler Mx5 and im sure Mint wants to keep it this way


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