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My Evo III

Well over the past few months ive done some upgrades to the beast and not having anything to do today i decided to go out for a little shoot.

Recently i have changed the seats for Evo V items, along with those came the TRS harnesses they are 4point and are garenteed to keep you held in tight! the draeded MOT came next but al usual the car did require much due to the regular maintanence it recives from myself and the guys at CMB autos ( Colin the owner also has an Evo III).  I did however need new antiroll bar links so at this moment myslef and colin had a talk and decided to replace all the arms and wishbones! i dont want to mess about tbh and i also took advantage of this time to fit Polybushes on every single suspension component. After the work was completed the Evo was treated to a ful geometry set up including camber,castor toe in and toe out, to say the car handles well now is an understatement! it grips extremly better than before and this is on road tyres. next plans is to just enjoy it for a bit until winter comes again. I might be buying Toyo R888’s but again i have alot of comitments (money wise ) to fulfill before speanding more money on the car

ayway onwards to the pictures

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