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My Evo III

With a year past since the last time I took pictures of it, I thought it was high time to give you guys an update……….

Theres been a few changes, first up the ride height. I was never really overly impressed with the Bilsteins the car came with from Japan, So after the TS trackday I realised just how much my car squats and how badly angled it gets when cornering. Only solution for that was coilovers, I went with the BC br series with a nice amount of adjustment etc but the all important part of being able to stick the III in the weeds, one thing that i think lacks in the Evo community.

Hopefully I have achieved it, the arches the only thing holding me back now to be honest.

You might have spotted the next addition ………..

The carbon fibre canards, Made in Japan by some random dude lol. I spotted them while browsing yahoo auctions and had to have them, the cost an absolute fortune the shipping alone was twice the price of the actual canards but meh you’ve got to pay money for exclusive mods right??

I added Muteki wheel nuts aswell, they are a titanium style coating which dresses up the speedlines no end

Engine wise, the car has received a boost controller and an ostrich flash which brought the power up but even more importantly the torque which increased 85ft/lbs! thanks to the guys at Wallace Performance. I also swapped out the standard radiator for an alloy rad, due to the temps and the fact the OEM radiator is made of cheese, the thermostat was replaced with a Ralliart item aswell. Due to the alloy rad, i had to lose the Marshallart stainless intake which is a bit of a bummer.

Unfortunatly the splitter has taken a beating, which has then made me cover it up with stickers for the time being but my plan after winter is to get it painted back to it original status.

The controversal stickers ……. some love them, some hate them. Once the car is back to a super fresh status I think they will go to be honest as I love the fresh look of the Evo III’s

So i hope you have enjoyed the look around my Evo, keep an eye out in early 2011 when the MFC video will be released as it will be a main car.


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