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Monster Unit – Banzai Crail

Onto the second part of my coverage from Banzai at Crail and to continue as i said yesterday with Monster Unit, a Glasgow based car club/group that will give any self respecting brand whore a run for their money!!

Set up with Yumen Lai and Stevie Ho. Both well known in the scottish tuning scene, Yumen haviong own some of the cleanest most ouuta control hondas around and Stevie for having some of the best looking and tuned japanese metal north of the border.

Other members of MU have (in my opinion of course) some of thee best cars in Scotland and its always a treat to get a look up close at them!

Take this Evo V, the absolute pinnacle of Brandwhore!! Varis bodykit,Gram light wheels, custom JDM headlights, Carbon Mirrors and an out of control rear diffuser!!

But this isnt just a show car, its driven pretty hard with a forged engine and uprated turbo setup!

Now onto Alex’s FC RX7, another purist JDM whores wet dream executed excellently!! Volks, Rear diffuser, Bawler wing and to top it off Initial D style graphics

Hopefully you might get to see these guys at a show near you! cos you will definatly not give them a quick glance over!!

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