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MLR Sprint Series Ingleston, Edinburgh

A few weeks back I got asked to provide the images for the MLR’s picture disc that they sell to the runners in their sprint.

Those pics are wrapped up for now but I do have some pics from the paddock

Ians MX5 was going very well! the only pic I got of it not going sideways lol

Steve’s Evo IV, one of the many Evos he has owned

This particular Mk2 Escort was powered by a Vauxhall C20 Xe, a combo which is super popular

Willox’s traded his Evo for an all new Megane R26, he kept up with the evos all day

Gritchies Evo VI Extreme ….. Super rare and being sprinted! the only way to own an evo

The winner on the day though, Madmac and his twin charged Evo V. A serious sprint car and a serious driver!

Favorite car of the day though was Jase’s Evo IV, different front end and clean white paint. I think it will be the last time I see it and he is reshelling the engine into a Evo VI. Shame I like seeing the older cars at these events


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