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Well Today Kei Chan is complete!

After about 5-6months myself and Mint have finished everything, with the help of quite a few other people lol

We started the day with a very clear idea of what we had to do, we both knew there were some electrical faults with the car,namely the indicators didnt flash, the rear lights didnt work and the washer pumps didnt work. I got a workmate (Iain) to come round and help us with the electrical side (what he does best), he sorted the indicators in half an hour and the got onto the rear lights. Now when ever we have removed the rear lights we have never marked the loom to make sure it went back a certain way,well the reason for hte lights not working was me and mint had put the harness in upside down!! which is so stupid i cant belive im admitting it LOL. The pumps wernt so easy to sort tho, seized by grit and dirt due to Mint driving the car without the bottles on luckily tho he has already sourced new pumps thanks to Mick (

With the electrics out of the way it was onto the finsihing touches. Mint wanted to replace the Cat for the Decat pipe which he bought from Driftworks but after ALOT of heat and ALOT of swearing the bolts for the Cat were stuck solid so we gave up on this one for now LOL. We did however refit the backbox which had been rewelded due to a few holes and also reinforced so if the car bottoms out it wont wreck the exhaust.Once this was all buttoned up it was time to give Kei Chan back her Dori Hovercraft Kit! not many problems here at all tbh as Kris (bodyshop) had made everything fit perfectly before.

And so you have it…….. shes back!! all that remains now is to get her an MOT and tax her for the roads y0!

Coming soon to a touge near you KEIchan!!

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