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J.A.E 2010

Dunno what it is??

Its THEE biggest Japanese only car show this side of the world, stretched over 3 days it’s a must for any true JDM fanboi. were there once again and because we live in Aberdeen (500 miles away) the trip always starts early

So here we are at 5am Thursday morning

A blast down the A90 and onto the M74 to meet the southern members at Abington services.

Most of us needed fuel, driving turboed imports isn’t good for fuel consumption lol

Then just another blast (300 miles) to Kettering our home for the next 3 days

The stand was set up with our inflatable totum poles and some other random bits and bobs then it was down to the business of drinking.

Friday, and the weather was poor plus not everyone gets to the show until Saturday so here are some snaps of the traders cars that attended

Saturday and the main day for all the bawler JDM machinery, this year the quality of cars wasnt great BUT there were some that stood out

This civic was a proper hard parked track slag, i dunno if it could really be any use on the track but you never know

This CRX rocked 8.5″ wide rims

Sticker bombed splitters were the order of the day

My car of the show this Evo 8, with mad rims and awesome stance

closely followed by this chaser …………….. i will have one ……………… one day lol

And so lastly the car of my dreams …… A R34 GTR on proper magnesium Volks and of course in Bayside blue just simply awesome!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, be sure to check for all the aftermath banter

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