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Its Been A While ....

8 years, 10 months and 11 days to be exact. So why am I back here?


Good question and to be honest I'm fed up with the terrible Facebook compression and the inability to write lots of words on Instagram, I love the ease of access to these apps/sites but I think they are taking away the art of a good photograph.

Now before you think I'm getting too big for my boots, I'm not saying I'm that great a photographer but Facebook and the likes have now made it so easy to share iPhone photos that's its taking away from the art and image quality you get from a good old SLR. Wholly my own opinion of course and I still love to share my own things on these apps but I wanted to get back to the blog days.

Inspired by Neil Sheehan of Juicebox I've decided to make a comeback, good/bad news for you is I have over 8 years of photos and videos to share with you.

Over the next few months I will start to post some of my shoots, it won't be in any specific order and to be honest I'm not planning on writing hundreds of words (for now) but I promise from here on out I'm going to bring you the story's behind the cars that I am fortunate to shoot.

Hope you like what I have in store

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