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Introducing Cam-sans EM1 Civic Coupe

Well Cam got his EM1 a couple of months ago from a fellow member of and has started to set his own mark on it.

Last weekend we spent a few hours getting some maitance out of the way.

New Oil Motol 8100 5w-40 Fully synthetic courtesy of Opie oils.

Then on to some new goodies, Cam had bought a Buddy Club short shifter to fit to his car so i got busy with the socket set and bunged it on.

less than an hour later it was on!,got to love Hondas build quality, this car is 9 years old and a Uk spec car, even so the bolts came apart like the day they were installed. How many other Uk cars can you say that about????

More plans are a foot for the show season, in fact Cam has just fitted his new Wed sports to the coupe, Pics to follow y0!

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