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For The Last Time This Year ………………………

The SXOC drift day

We traveled early and met up with the Aberdeen guys and hit up Mc D’s as usual, Cam and Stu were Rolling through Dundee

We got to crail, then the battle was on to change tyres and get out onto track

John Fallon was out early in his R32 skyline, an awesome note could be heard from his shotgun exhaust, he had to finish kinda early due to having no tyres left, not a surprise really as you can see some mega destruction going on here

Jites wasn’t gonna let the previous drift day get him down so he was back out in his repaired S14

Team Chizfab were in attendance also, Jeek had his 540 out on track

Along with Ren

Team Scotdrift rounded out an awesome season in BDC with a nice relaxing day destroying tyres, Marcin’s Supra sounded amazing on full chat!

Kinghorn was repping MFC along with Jites, after the last drift day ended early due to engine failure he was keen to get out and shred some rubber.

He did indeed shred some rubber, but the car had some niggles (as all good drift cars) and he had to constantly return to the pits to make minor adjustments not before I could get some snaps though

The day ended for him the tyres, with some front end cosmetic damage but the winter will be a long one and he will have ample time to get it ready for the 2012 season

Stu aka the hat was back in his FC RX7 and i was lucky enough to hitch a passenger ride, for the whole year ive been snapping this at drift days and when i do from the outside it seems peaceful and serene albeit quite raspy but from the inside it is insane! smoke fills the cabin after every corner and the 13b makes noises only a rotary can make.

defiantly my driver of the day and pretty much the season for me in terms of drift days, the hat is always pushing his car and his peers when out on track

And so that’s it, the drift season is over. Its been a good one and ive met alot of new faces which has been awesome.

Hope to see you all in 2012 for what will hopefully be an even better season!


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