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Elder’s R32 …….

For a change not a Nissan but a VW!

Whats going on?!? I hear you cry, well this blog has never been just solely for JDM toys and it was about time I showed the non jap markets some love and with Ross selling his Golf i got in touch to get some snaps before it got to its new (lucky) owner!

The R32 is the top of the line golf, outweighing the GTi by 1.2litres engine capacity and 70bhp, with its 3.2 litre 238bhp V6. It also incorporates the 4wd system from the Audi TT which means its more that capable in the twisties.

Elder decided the standard R32 needed to “pumped” up a bit, they were never gonna change the world with standard looks, so Ross got in contact with FK and ordered a set of their extremely popular Konig Coilover kit.

This gives the R32 mega lows but the standard wheels wouldn’t cut it.So Ross decided on the VAG staple of BBs CH rims, a 8 inch in the front and the man spec 9 inch wide in the rear coupled with 25mm spacers. It gives the 32 a superior stance.

The engine has received an AEM filter with short ram intake and a deflapped exhaust for “heaps of note”

The exterior hasn’t changed too much just a Honda Civic stumpy aerial, that replaces the massive OEM one.

Charlie Sheen constantly reminds the followers who’s “Winning” lol

Its gonna be a shame for Elder to let it go, but the promise of bigger better possibly japanese plans can only be a good thing ……………….. right?!?


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