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Blast From The Past!!

When I passed my driving test I purchased a Vauxhall Nova, it was super cool back in the day but was nothing to the daddy of all Vauxhalls at the time ….. the Cavalier GSI 2000.

The current owner of this beauty is a guy called Morgan, I work with him daily and after a short term owning a VR6 Golf he decided to go back to his routes and a Cavalier was thee car to do it!

Morgan had 3 in the past, to say he knows them pretty well would be a understatement!

So only the best would do…….

After a few weeks trawling ebay and the likes he found this absolute stunner in Ireland

At the time Morgan didnt know who had carried out the work but after some digging by yours truely we found out the car was built by Ronnie Court, well known in the Vauxhall circles for producing some cover cars

Ronnie added alot of the features, like Astra VXR discs up front with Vectra Gsi calipers

Cruise control has also been added, something the standard GSi never got

I love it when someone makes an already good car even better just by using OEM parts

Boot is spotless

As is the interior

The car as a whole is amazing, Morgan has added some of his own touches, he put the OEM door cards back in

The Engine bay got a serious Polish!

Morgan also replaced the suspension. Plans are a foot for a new stainless exhaust system as the current one isn’t in great shape

The car looks great on the road

And attracts ALOT of attention when driving through town, a credit to Ronnie Court but even more to Morgan who cares for the car immensly.

Im pretty sure this is one of the best if not thee best Cavalier GSi out there at the moment!!


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