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Big Niks S14a

Its back bitches!!

The car was put off the road to save it from the typical scottish winter weather and for some upgrades

But now its back on the road

And i was asked to get some snaps before she hits the streets

Mods over the winter were a full set of CS2 HSD Coilovers courtesy of Driftworks

They bring the Work Meisters into touching distance of the rolled and pulled arches

Aswell as the mods, the car has been given a full service, all oils replenished, Some engine detailing is next.

Lois Vuiton gear gaitor is a nice touch

Jimmy Up air freshner to keep it real!

The all important sticker

Thats it for now, keep your eyes peeled for it at the shows yO!


#thacko #photography #drift #scotland #aberdeen #brandwhore

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