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Archive Throwback ........ 2012

Throwback time again it's 2012, a time when meets were a weekly occurrence and one of the biggest regular meets were held by Team Beard and UK Time attack was a big deal.

Remember Keiran and Marc from the last post? Well they assembled their own team.


Keiran's Supra evolved considerably from 2011 to 2012, as you can see a wheel change and a lot lower stance

Cusco Caged interior with Evo V seats, was a further development on the fast B road car.

In this rear picture you can see the diffuser shape mated to the 4" exhaust, the JZ power plant providing the soundtrack.

Marcs car got a little lower too. This particular shoot for for Stance Nation in the US

A nice little private air field provided the back drop, still one of my most favourite shoots.

The guys created Team Beard to be a car group that was open to all manufacturers, cultures and styles. It was never boring to go to one of their meets.

Ailsa's MX5 is a prime example of the vast differences in cars in the group

Hours of painstaking hand drawn sharpie doodles made this MX5 one of a kind. You could spend ages looking over the different sketches adorning the paintwork

It was an attention grabber where ever it went ....... not surprising really.

No self respecting car club would be short of the true JDM legend of the scene ..... The Honda Civic. Fraser and Alex were part of the team from the early days

Alex's EK9 is the ultimate CTR recipe for winning at civic life, RPF1's, standard bodywork with a decent drop and Brides. Such a cool car .......

Keeping with the CTR theme was another crew member, Daves EK9 was relatively standard in 2012, with a carbon bonnet and some lows.

A semi standard engine bay too, a nice clean car that will end up evolving into its ultimate form around 2019. Defo need to get back in touch with Dave to update you on the car now!

Talking about ultimate form .......... Steve Rileys EK9. If Alex's was the CTR with the full JDM styling and Daves was the OEM plus look, Steves was the full weekend track car

This CTR was equipped for Knockhill track days and blasting around the Nurburgring. As you can see above Brembo equipped up front, Buddy Club P1 wheels all-round with sticky Toyo rubber, this car meant business.

Fully caged, stripped out and ready to drive the ring and back.

From weekend track car to full on race cars. Matty's Evo IV at this point in time had evolved from road car to mild race car and then to this which was a full on dedicated time attack car.

Highly tuned 4G63, slicks, gutted interior and exterior. Matty would go onto win a few single entries in the UK time attack with this car.

The Evo IV was a semi rare sight in time attack even in 2012, as the technology had evolved other drivers had opted for the later Evo models.

Mikes Evo VIII had also started life out as a road car used for track days and slowly evolved into the car you see in the pictures. On high boost the car was capable of over 850bhp.

The car went through some massive changes in its lifetime, having the shell fully seam welded, roof replaced with a full carbon skin and the awesome Varis wide bodykit.

This wouldn't be the cars final form, before the car moved on to a new owner it was treated to a Norris Designs twin charger engine set up, making over 1000bhp. I remember being taken out at Knockhill on low boost, it was quite the lap!

After all the race car chat its time to get back to some style, Olley's clubman was an almost new car at the time and was quick to adopt the stance scene.

Accuair set up took care of the cars stance, mated with the Image wheels it made the little mini look hard as nails.

Olley has gone on to build some epic cars ...... another person to catch up with......

2012 was the year Mint's chaser made an appearance on UK soil. Originally bought to drive at Ebisu, Mint decided it was time to bring the 1J powered land yacht to Aberdeen. At the time there were very little Chaser's in the UK. The car was swiftly dropped on the KTS coilovers and fitted with the Fabulous 3 piece chrome wheels.

Standard clean aero body lines were the name of the game. The OEM Chaser lines are so good with very little effort. This car would go on to be something completely different and help to propel Minty.Fresh into the drift parts/merch game at a rapid rate.

That was the year that was 2012, albeit with very little motorsport mention. I think for our next throwback we could delve into the BDC in 2012.

Till next time ............


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