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Anyone for Coffee? Part 2

As promised, the JDM and “Stanced” cars that rocked up at Coffee and Cars in Houston.

First up is this BNR34 something I really didn’t expect to see especially in the US. Some New York state R34 Skylines were recently publicly impounded for breaching US import laws, the basic’s of it are all cars imported to the US have to be type approved similar to the UK’s SVA. If they aren’t obviously you and your Skyline can end up in hot water.

Ce28’s in gun-metal work well with the black paint work

Another car rare in the US was the PS13 this one proved to be a RHD version even rarer still, i belive it was basically hand-built from JDM parts (if im wrong please contact me). Rocking classic Advans it wouldn’t have looked out of place skidding Osaka streets!

SW20 looked hard on Meister’s, it was leaving with 2 other MR2’s as i caught this snap, luckily the driver saw me admiring his rims

This IS200 Lexus rocked UK style, the intercooler hinted at turbo or supercharged power unfortunately I couldn’t find the owner to ask.

The GTR owners huddled together

This particular GTR rocked drag radial’s and a larger profile tyre for grip

Odd one out? One day I will own an NSX!

The Ford Focus not a car i would think of as a leader of the modification gang and especially a 5 door sedan, but “Goldilox” has some serious stretch with some nice lows. A nice combination

I wouldn’t like to parallel park this with rim poke like that!

Blob eye WRX was super subtle on TE37’s

With a nice usable stance too

Turbo MX5 with RACK!

FC RX7’s are a car I never tire of, this red one was super clean and the addition of the Enkei’s goes to show you don’t always need “stance” to get noticed

For super lows though there’s the static drop (coilovers) or the airbag/hyd route.

This Infiniti G37 Sedan was defiantly not on a static drop.

The same can be said for this Subaru Legacy

U2SLO tag was a nice touch

This 370Z was super clean

With all the NSX’s I thought that would be my JDM super car fix for the day but I was wrong,

In came this LFA , in super White it looked amazing!

JDM car of the meet for me though was this Honda Civic Si

Bawler stance, turbo k20? yellow fogs and pearl white paint, total winner!

And so that’s it for Coffee and Cars be sure to keep your eyes out for a selection of the full shoots in did in Houston in the next coming weeks


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