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Anyone For Coffee? Part 1

After reading the Mayday garage blog, I have really wanted to attend this event for sometime. The complete mix of all things automotive enticed me and so luckily this time in Houston i was able to get down to Vintage Park to see this event first hand.

I kinda thought I knew what to expect, with the event running 7am until 10am like all great UK car meets no one appears until 7.10/7.20 so I left the house at bang on 7am for the 20 minute journey down US249 and into Vintage Park.

Well when I arrived I couldn’t actually belive my eyes, there must have been at least 150 already set up for the meet with alot more filing into the parking lot via other entrances.

I was eager to get out of the car and get snapping, the sheer amount of variety was what first hit me, as I started to walk I saw that some of the major owners clubs were there.





Yeah that’s right, on top of the kinda day-to-day modified cars, Coffee and Cars host’s some of the most exotic cars on the planet.

Countless 458 Ferrari’s were parked next to Porsche GT3’s and this lovely Carrera GT

Enzo Ferrari anyone? I couldn’t get anywhere near this car for the sheer amount of people looking over it.

The car of my dreams/ massive lottery win was there, the Ferrari F40, I don’t think I have ever seen one in the flesh before and the car itself is absolutely stunning the attention to detail in phenomenal.

This picture goes to show the culture crash at C and C. An old-school Porsche vs king of the N/A new skool the NSX.

This Buick Riveria kept a “low” profile

This M3 kept the stance movement alive along with some of his Japanese counterparts which will be revealed in Part 2.

But this particular Pontiac G8 rocked some awesome lowness

So after wandering around this meet and grabbing coffee at Starbucks, cars started to leave but in a cool parade type fashion. They all left through the main entrance to Vintage Park to give all the attendees of the meet one last glimpse of the car’s.

A couple of Shelby’s rolled through

CLS Mercedes was VIP

The sound from this modified Corvette was amazing!

The F40 left too

But not before I could get a few cheeky snaps

And so that was the end of the meet and i headed off to meet up with another car that will be coming up in the future, but for now ill leave you with this Ford Roadster, i have never been too into this kinda thing but when i saw this car it started to sway me. Awesome attention to detail and the red paint popping in the sun, simply stunning


p.s Stay tuned for Part 2 when I get down with Houston’s JDM and Stanced scene

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