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2011 Wallace Performance Time Attack Evo

Well over the next coming months you will see alot more of this!

I’ve been asked/volunteered to get the strip and rebuild of the Wallace Evo, hopefully you guys will get to see a absolutely awesome project appear in front of your eyes but for now a couple of snaps


This is how i saw the car after my holidays in the states, unfortunately the engine and some of the bodywork had been removed


A week later and I popped in to see how Mike and co were getting on ……….

As you can see the glass was still in, and the subframe, diffs etc still attached


Today, I ventured up to have a peek to find the car COMPLETLY stripped!

Never seen an Evo stripped like this in the flesh but its pretty cool to see!

Parts on the shelf, some will return to the car, some wont

Extec Suspension among other race spec equipment

and so for now that is it, there’s alot more pics below of the general strip, but stay tuned for more developments in the coming months ………

Next stop Bodyshop!

#timeattack #scotland #jdm #wallaceperformance #international #aberdeen #wallace

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